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Code Description Qty Code Description Qty
HFBS16 HFT Turbo 16mm 4m Conduit HFCB 16/1 BK HFT 16mm 1 Way Box
HFBS20 HFT Turbo 20mm 4m Conduit HFCB 20/1 BK HFT 20mm 1 Way Box
HFBS25 HFT Turbo 25mm 4m Conduit HFCB 25/1 BK HFT 25mm 1 Way Box
HFBS32 HFT Turbo 32mm 4m Conduit HFCB 32/1 BK HFT 32mm 1 Way Box
HFBS40 HFT Turbo 40mm 4m Conduit HFCB16/2 HFT 16mm Black Through Box
HFBS50 HFT Turbo 50mm 4m Conduit HFCB16/3 HFT 16mm Black Three Way Box
HFBS63 HFT Turbo 63mm 4m Conduit HFCB16/4 HFT 16mm Black Intersection Box
HFSM16 16mm HFT Black Coupling HFCB16/A HFT 16mm Black Angle Box
HFSM20 20mm HFT Black Coupling HFCB20/2 HFT 20mm Black Through Box
HFSM25 25mm HFT Black Coupling HFCB20/3 HFT 20mm Black Three Way Box
HFSM32 32mm HFT Black Coupling HFCB20/4 HFT 20mm Black Intersection Box
HFSM40 40mm HFT Black Coupling HFCB20/A HFT 20mm Black Angle Box
HFSM50 50mm HFT Black Coupling HFCB25/2 HFT 25mm Black Through Box
HFSM63 63mm HFT Black Coupling HFCB25/3 HFT 25mm Black Three Way Box
HFSB16 16mm HFT Black Bend HFCB25/4 HFT 25mm Black Intersection Box
HFSB20 20mm HFT Black Bend HFCB25/A HFT 25mm Black Angle Box
HFSB25 25mm HFT Black Bend HFCB32/2 HFT 32mm Black Through Box
HFSB32 32mm HFT Black Bend HFCB32/3 HFT 32mm Black Three Way Box
HFSB40 40mm HFT Black Bend HFCB32/4 HFT 32mm Black Intersection Box
HFSB50 50mm HFT Black Bend HFCB32/A HFT 32mm Black Angle Box
HFXP16 16mm HFT Turbo Pro Corrugated Conduit PKGH 100 OP HFT Adaptable Box 105x105x64mm
HFXP20 20mm HFT Turbo Pro Corrugated Conduit PKGH 200 OP HFT Adaptable Box 200x150x85mm
HFXP25 25mm HFT Turbo Pro Corrugated Conduit PKGH 300 OP HFT Adaptable Box 300x200x125mm
HFXP32 32mm HFT Turbo Pro Corrugated Conduit HFAFT/MBS16 16mm HFT Female Adaptor
HFXP40 40mm HFT Turbo Pro Corrugated Conduit HFAFT/MBS20 20mm HFT Female Adaptor
HFXP50 50mm HFT Turbo Pro Corrugated Conduit HFAFT/MBS25 25mm HFT Female Adaptor
HFXP63 63mm HFT Turbo Pro Corrugated Conduit HFAFT/MBS32 32mm HFT Female Adaptor
HFIE20 20mm HFT Inspection Elbow HFAFT/MBS40 40mm HFT Female Adaptor
HFIE25 25mm HFT Inspection Elbow HFAFT/MBS50 50mm HFT Female Adaptor
HFIE32 32mm HFT Inspection Elbow HFAFT/MBS63 63mm HFT Female Adaptor
HFIT20 20mm HFT Inspection Tee HFAMT/LR20-SW 20mm HFT Male Adaptor with Lockring
HFIT25 25mm HFT Inspection Tee HFAMT/LR25-SW 25mm HFT Male Adaptor with Lockring
HFIT32 32mm HFT Inspection Tee HFAMT/LR32-SW 32mm HFT Male Adaptor with Lockring
HFTAD38 HFT Adhesive 38mL Tube SP-M16B 16mm HFT Stop Plug
APPGUN HFT Adhesive Applicator Gun SP-M20B 20mm HFT Stop Plug
APPNOZ38 HFT Adhesive Applicator Nozzle SP-M25B 25mm HFT Stop Plug
SGL16 16mm HFT Straight Gland SP-M32B 32mm HFT Stop Plug
SGL20 20mm HFT Straight Gland SP-M40B 40mm HFT Stop Plug
SGL25 25mm HFT Straight Gland SP-M50B 50mm HFT Stop Plug
SGL32 32mm HFT Straight Gland SP-M63B 63mm HFT Stop Plug
SGL40 40mm HFT Straight Gland HFLN16 16mm HFT Locknut
SGL50 50mm HFT Straight Gland HFLN20 20mm HFT Locknut
SGL63 63mm HFT Straight Gland HFLN25 25mm HFT Locknut
HFCL16 HFT 16mm Black U Clip HFLN32 32mm HFT Locknut
HFCL20 HFT 20mm Black U Clip HFLN40 40mm HFT Locknut
HFCL25 HFT 25mm Black U Clip HFLN50 50mm HFT Locknut
HFCL32 HFT 32mm Black U Clip HFLN63 63mm HFT Locknut
HFCL40 HFT 40mm Black U Clip HFRD2016 HFT Reducer 20/16mm
HFCL50 HFT 50mm Black U Clip HFRD2520 HFT Reducer 25/20mm
HFCL63 HFT 63mm Black U Clip HFRD3225 HFT Reducer 32/25mm
HFSBS20 20mm HFT Black Saddle with Base EG20 20mm HFT Elbow Gland
HFSBS25 25mm HFT Black Saddle with Base EG25 25mm HFT Elbow Gland
HFSBS32 32mm HFT Black Saddle with Base EG32 32mm HFT Elbow Gland
HFSBS40 40mm HFT Black Saddle with Base HFER16/25-20 Extension Ring Black 16/25
HFSBS50 50mm HFT Black Saddle with Base HFHB20 20mm HFT H Box
PC20 20mm HFT Pipe End Cover HFHB25 25mm HFT H Box
PC25 25mm HFT Pipe End Cover HFUB20 20mm HFT U Box
PC32 32mm HFT Pipe End Cover HFUB25 25mm HFT U Box
HFCBL 16-25 HFT Circular Box Lid 16-25mm HFYB20 20mm HFT Y Box
HFCBL32 HFT Circular Box Lid 32mm HFYB25 25mm HFT Y Box
NCG12 12mm Black Cable Gland MCG12 12mm Metal Cable Gland
NCG16 16mm Black Cable Gland MCG16 16mm Metal Cable Gland
NCG20 20mm Black Cable Gland MCG20 20mm Metal Cable Gland
NCG25 25mm Black Cable Gland MCG25 25mm Metal Cable Gland
NCG32 32mm Black Cable Gland MCG32 32mm Metal Cable Gland
NCG40 40mm Black Cable Gland MCG40 40mm Metal Cable Gland
NCG50 50mm Black Cable Gland MCG50 50mm Metal Cable Gland
NCG63 63mm Black Cable Gland MCG63 63mm Metal Cable Gland
HFCT100MB HFT Cable Tie 100×2.5mm 100pk HFCT140IB HFT Cable Tie 140×3.5mm 100pk
HFCT200MB HFT Cable Tie 200×2.5mm 100pk HFCT200IB HFT Cable Tie 200×3.5mm 100pk
HFCT160SB HFT Cable Tie 160×4.5mm 100pk HFCT300IB HFT Cable Tie 280×3.5mm 100pk
HFCT280SB HFT Cable Tie 280×4.5mm 100pk HFCT300HDB HFT Cable Tie 320×7.5mm 100pk
HFCT370SB HFT Cable Tie 360×4.5mm 100pk HFCT530HDB HFT Cable Tie 540×7.5mm 100pk
HFCT430SB HFT Cable Tie 430×4.5mm 100pk HFCT810HDB HFT Cable Tie 780×9.0mm 50pk
HFD90 HFT Duct Internal Size 90x100mm 1mtr HFD135 HFT Duct Internal Size 135x125mm 1mtr
HFD160 HFT Duct Internal Size 160x135mm 1mtr HFD200 HFT Duct Internal Size 200x185mm 1mtr
HFD300 HFT Duct Internal Size 300x175mm 1mtr HFD450 HFT Duct Internal Size 450x255mm 0.5mtr
HFKKR110 HFT 110mm/3m Conduit HFKKM110 110mm HFT Black Coupling

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