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Code Description Qty Code Description Qty
Sal20Con 20mm Class 4 HDG Conduit 4m M123/20 20mm HDG Inspection Elbow
Sal25Con 25mm Class 4 HDG Conduit 4m M123/25 25mm HDG Inspection Elbow
Sal32Con 32mm Class 4 HDG Conduit 4m M123/32 32mm HDG Inspection Elbow
Sal40Con 40mm Class 4 HDG Conduit 4m M133/20 20mm HDG Inspection Tee
Sal50Con 50mm Class 4 HDG Conduit 4m M133/25 25mm HDG Inspection Tee
Sal63Con 63mm Class 4 HDG Conduit 4m M133/32 32mm HDG Inspection Tee
R101/20 20mm HDG Coupling F505/20 20mm Lockring Zinc Plated
R101/25 25mm HDG Coupling F505/25 25mm Lockring Zinc Plated
R101/32 32mm HDG Coupling F505/32 32mm Lockring Zinc Plated
R101/40 40mm HDG Coupling F531/20 20mm Brass Bush Male Short
R101/50 50mm HDG Coupling F531/25 25mm Brass Bush Male Short
R101/63 63mm HDG Coupling F531/32 32mm Brass Bush Male Short
M508/20 20mm HDG Heavy Duty Locknut F531/40 40mm Brass Bush Male Short
M508/25 25mm HDG Heavy Duty Locknut F531/50 40mm Brass Bush Male Short
M508/32 32mm Locknut Heavy Duty HDG F532/20 20mm Brass Bush Male Long
M508/40 40mm Locknut Heavy Duty HDG F532/25 25mm Brass Bush Male Long
M508/50 50mm Locknut Heavy Duty HDG F532/32 32mm Brass Bush Male Long
M508/63 63mm Locknut Heavy Duty HDG F534/20 20mm Brass Bush Female
M181/20 20mm HDG 1 Way Box F534/25 25mm Brass Bush Female
M181/25 25mm HDG 1 Way Box F534/32 32mm Brass Bush Female
M182/20 20mm HDG 2 Way Box F534/40 40mm Brass Bush Female
M182/25 25mm HDG 2 Way Box M363/20 20mm HDG Distance Saddle
M183/20 20mm HDG Angle Box M363/25 25mm HDG Distance Saddle
M183/25 25mm HDG Angle Box M363/32 32mm HDG Distance Saddle
M184/20 20mm HDG 3 Way Box M363/40 40mm HDG Distance Saddle
M184/25 25mm HDG 3 Way Box M363/50 50mm HDG Distance Saddle
M185/20 20mm HDG 4 Way Box R141/20 20mm HDG Bend
M185/25 25mm HDG 4 Way Box R141/25 25mm HDG Bend
M195/20 20mm HDG U Box R141/32 32mm HDG Bend
M195/25 25mm HDG U Box R141/40 40mm HDG Bend
M196/20 20mm HDG Y Box R141/50 50mm HDG Bend
M196/25 25mm HDG Y Box R141/50SW 50mm Large Sweep Bend
M211/32 32mm HDG 1 Way Box M527/20 20mm HDG Plug Hex Head
M212/32 32mm HDG 2 Way Box M527/25 25mm HDG Plug Hex Head
M213/32 32mm HDG Angle Box M527/32 32mm HDG Plug Hex Head
M214/32 32mm HDG 3 Way Box R281/20 Small Box Lid +3 Screws
M215/32 32mm HDG 4 Way Box R381/32 Large Box Lid +5 Screws
R451/16 16mm HDG Full Saddle
R451/20 20mm HDG Full Saddle M471/25-20 25/20mm HDG Reducer
R451/25 25mm HDG Full Saddle M471/32-25 32/25mm HDG Reducer
R451/32 32mm HDG Full Saddle
R451/40 40mm HDG Full Saddle M471/50-40 50/40mm HDG Reducer
R451/50 50mm HDG Full Saddle RD40/32 40/32mm Metal Reducer NPB
R451/63 63mm HDG Full Saddle RD50/40 50/40mm Metal Reducer NPB
F107/20 20mm Nipple Zinc Plated RD63/50 63/50mm Metal Reducer NPB
F107/25 25mm Nipple Zinc Plated RFX55020 20mm Bang On Male Thread
F107/32 32mm Nipple Zinc Plated RFX55025 25mm Bang On Male Thread
F107/40 40mm Nipple Zinc Plated RFX55032 32mm Bang On Male Thread
F107/50 50mm Nipple Zinc Plated RFX55040 40mm Bang On Male Thread
F402/20 20mm Gasket for Inspection Elbow RFX55050 50mm Bang On Male Thread
F402/25 25mm Gasket for Inspection Elbow RFX55063 63mm Bang On Male Thread
F402/32 32mm Gasket for Inspection Elbow RFX56020 20mm Bang On Female Thread
F405/20 20mm Gasket for Inspection Tee RFX56025 25mm Bang On Female Thread
F405/25 25mm Gasket for Inspection Tee RFX56032 32mm Bang On Female Thread
F405/32 32mm Gasket for Inspection Tee RFX56040 40mm Bang On Female Thread
F409/20 Gasket for Small Circular Box RFX56050 50mm Bang On Female Thread
F410/32 Gasket for Large Circular Box RFX57020 20mm Bang On Coupler
GalSpray Galvanised Spray Paint 350G RFX57025 25mm Bang On Coupler
GalSprayMini Galvanised Spray Paint Mini 150G RFX57032 32mm Bang On Coupler
M288/20 20mm HDG Female Dome Cover RFX57040 40mm Bang On Coupler
M288/25 25mm HDG Female Dome Cover RFX57050 50mm Bang On Coupler
R261 150x100x75mm HDG Box With Lid RFX57063 63mm Bang On Coupler
R261303015 300x300x150mm Steel Box HDG w/ Gasket PC20HDG 20mm HDG Two Part Pipe Clamp
R2613X3 75x75x50mm Steel Box HDG w/ Gasket PC25HDG 25mm HDG Two Part Pipe Clamp
R2614X4 100x100x75mm Steel Box HDG w/ Gasket PC32HDG 32mm HDG Two Part Pipe Clamp
R2616X6X4 150x150x100mm Steel Box HDG w/ Gasket BCP20 20mm Brass Screwed Conduit Plug
R261GAS Gasket for 150x100x75mm Steel Box 21BBG32 Galv Button Head Screw 8gx32mm 100pk
PN3003904 Threading Kit – 16,20,25,32mm P/VICEBEM Bending Maching GB Quality
SD205 20-25mm Manual Threading Kit OIL250ML Cutting & Threading Oil 250ml
SD32 32mm Manual Threading Kit CL500G Cutting Compound 500g

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